Danyolo aka Daniel Trenkle was born in 1987 and launched his career as filmmaker when he was 15 years old. Together with a bunch of friends, he shot a five minute long MiniDV movie, featuring bike stunts of his friends and him doing a 55mph fast wheelie with his mountainbike.

Turning from a stuntman to a filmmaker with even higher speed, he soon started shooting narrative content and commercials. Some years later, he also began a film and design study at the renowned Georg Simon University in Nuremberg. When he graduated in 2012, he has already shot commercials for Red Bull, VW, Siemens, Panasonic, Deutsche Telekom and many others.

Daniel is always searching for adventures and landscapes while traveling or doing all kind of sport and is also heavily inspired by concept art and electronic music. Knowing the benefits and workflows of both small and large scale crew sizes, he will always find a way to get the best pictures for any form of idea.

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